Primary Care

Capri provides primary care services and is the medical home for patients throughout Columbus and the surrounding communities. Our physicians are trained, board certified Family Practitioners who capable of treating patients of all ages. Appointments are available for newly establishing patients, and for those following up of a previous illness or encounter. However, no appointment is necessary in order for you to receive convenient care for any medical need. You can simply walk in during our hours of operation.

Urgent Care

Capri provides urgent care services to treat patients requiring immediate medical care. Our physicians have practiced medicine in a variety of settings that includes Emergency and Hospital-based Medicine. We have onsite x-ray and office-based laboratory testing to aid in the diagnosis and treatment. This allows us to provide optimal care to our patients.

Occupational Medicine

Capri has established services and expertise to meet your occupational medicine needs. We understand that the best approach to Occupational Medicine includes quality service, with necessary communication between us and the employer, that is provided in a timely manner. We are conveniently located within close proximity to the Muscogee Industrial and Coca-Cola Business Parks.


Capri opened its doors in 2009, and has diligently served Columbus and surrounding communities since that time. Capri was born from the desire to create a full scope practice that could proficiently deliver healthcare through convenient access. We have a vision, which is unfolding through our providers and our caring and professional support staff. We want to REACH our community with quality health care, SERVE all our patients with an evidence-based approach, and GROW our community in a healthier manner.

Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Capri offers allergy testing and immunotherapy to patients with a hypersensitive response to environmental allergens. Allergens include trees, shrubs, dust mites, molds, certain foods and sometimes even our pets. Your response to allergens may include itching of the eyes, nose and throat, cough and congestion, skin rash, and vomiting and/or abdominal cramping after certain foods are eaten.
Capri's allergy testing is an IgE skin test that can be performed and interpreted within 30 minutes. This allows you to receive a prescription that is prepared based on your test results to reduce and eliminate your allergy symptoms.

Capri HCG Weight Management

Obesity is quickly becoming an epidemic in the United States. The number people with obesity has doubled in our population in the last 30 years. With obesity there is an increase in health risks in these patients which include diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. The bottom line is obesity reduces life expectancy and is harmful to a person's health.
Capri's weight management program is designed to address this problem in select patients to improve the health and aesthetics for these individual. Our program includes the modified HCG diet plan. Please feel welcomed to arrange for a free consultation to learn more about our weight manage management program.

No Appointment Needed

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